I am an editorial photographer based in Brighton, UK. The Photo Archive catalogs all of my images and represents the bread and butter of my work. The Portfolio section presents what I think of as my most interesting work.

You will also see here a selection from those days as a professional social and commercial photographer, an area that I have largely left behind now, but there are many images that are still important to me.

Why Scotty H.? When I left a career of 22 years spent in the City of London, that sounded a bit more marketable than my full name - the H. standing for Hortop.  I define myself as an 'editorial photographer' because I find that my approach to formulating, presenting and promoting photography does not compare well to photographers with an artist's educational background who find it much easier to define and pursue projects. That sort of detail is of course quite irrelevant if you see the art in my images and if you go one step further and would like a print to display then the photo prints page outlines what is possible.